Saturday, July 28, 2007

Finally...some June Bead Journal progress!

I am probably the furtherest behind out of the entire group. =o(
My Summer schedule is just so nutty! And it will carry over into the Fall as well.
But...I haven't given up hope yet! LOL

Here is an image of the progress I've made so far on my June BJP.

The colors are off a bit as I scanned it, rather than photographed it as I'm in a hurry this morning.

I chose shades of Pearls & Creams accented with Golds because Pearls are one of the stones for the month of June.

This quote, by Georgia O'Keeffe, has always been one of great meaning to me as it was first quoted to me by my high school art teacher. It was during a time when I was really struggling with my own identity, as do most kids around that age...and I was hesitant to express myself with my artwork in his class. He bribed, he threatened, he taunted and he begged me, but I just kept sinking deeper into myself.Then one day he came up behind me in class while I was continuing to be "safe" with my art project and loudly, so that the entire class turned to look, he said...."To bad you don't have the courage to be as talented as you truly are!" At fifteen, I thought I was going to die from not only the comment, but the attention of the entire class directed at me!

The next day he handed me a little slip of paper with the above quote scribbled on it. I understood his message to me fully at that point.

I hope all who are reading this will take those words to heart as well. You do have the courage, you just need to recognize that you do!

Happy Beading All!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Beading For A Cure ~ Fini!

YAY! I did it! I am just waiting for some finials I ordered to arrive, then Shawn will create the holder to attach the finials to and then it's ready to be sent off to AJ!
I will admit that I struggled with a few the fact that it doesn't have even edges. I had to remind myself that it is all completely hand-sewn, and that the beading also added to adjusting and moving the fabric. I also had to remind myself that I've been super up-close and personal with it, seeing every fiber of the fabric as I stitched on all the beads. Standing back and looking at it as a whole, some of those things calm down a bit....but just a bit. I need to learn how to curb my desire to have everything "just so".
Each person I have shown it to hasn't once commented on the uneven-ness, but rather that the movement of the fabric almost makes it look as if you are looking thru water. Ok then...that works! LOL Shall I reply that that was my intent all along? Hehehe!
I just hope someone, somewhere loves it enough that they will bid well on it when it's turn comes up on auction.
Now...I get to start my Bead Journal Page!! While June has come and gone, I did manage to get my page layout arranged, picked out my beads and decided upon a quote from Georgia O'Keeffe, which will be a signal for my Bead Journal...."To create one's own world in any of the arts takes courage!"
I have one day off this month....this coming Wednesday, July 4th and I'll spend the majority of that day getting my June Bead Journal page as close to done as I possibly can. I have vowed that I will catch up with this process so it's important to me to at least start my July page in the month of July! There are just a few work days and a bead show in my way, but I know how to shove! LOL