Sunday, June 17, 2007

BFAC Progress!'s been one crazy week, lemme tell ya!

Whenever we leave for a show, returning home is always a bit nuts. Heck, not showing up to work for a few hours creates an abundance of work that needs to be caught up leaving for several days in a row creates mayhem!

Plus I think I got a touch of food poisoning on the last day of the didn't knock me down, but it certainly kept rearing it's ugly head during this past week.

Shawn and Sara drove tandem on the way home from Milwaukee and managed to make it home Wednesday evening. That would be 2300 miles in 3 days! Freaks! You know that big white blur on the freeway? That was them! ;o)

I took some images this year of the Bead Dreams exhibits and some of the vendors. Here's a link: B&B Photos

I also managed to work on my BFAC project a bit on the plane to and from Milwaukee and then for a few minutes here and there in the evenings this past week. I guess the way this works is if you click on the image a new window will open with the enlarged version of it so you can actually see the beads I added. I cut some of the waves out of a piece of the fabric and using WonderUnder (thanks, Dot!) I ironed them onto the surface. My added bead for BFAC is a size 15 Matte Silverlined Straw Gold. So far I've used it to accent the waves, which also helps to quilt the fabric into place. The only bead from the kit I've used so far is the White Pearl 11....but today we are going down to Sunnyvale (about a 2 hour drive from here) for my nephews 40th b'day (OMG!) and Father's day, so I'll have some car time to work on it more.

I'm really struggling hard to get it done before the end of the month so that I can at least start my Bead Journal page for June in the month of June!!

I am experiencing the beaders worst nightmare times ten right where near enough time to bead!

Last little bit of classes for the Big Apple Art Glass & Bead Festival have been posted! I'll be teaching an Intro to PMC, and two sets of classes each in Clasps & Tags and PMC Beads! If you're in the area or are planning to attend, I'd sure love to see you there!

Now I should go shower before the party, eh? Which basically just means even more time away from my beading!

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Finally On Our Way to Bead & Button!

Phew! This show is crazy to prepare for. I think it's a combination of lots of things...time of the year for our stock to be getting low enough that we need to place major orders, just enough shows already under our belt for the year that we are already tired, it's a big show, so we need to bring lots of stock, and backstock. Plus I am sure there are other forces in play as well...but whatever they all are they are certainly exhausting!

Almost 2 full months of preparation. A full week of 16+ hour days. A few fights, several dirty looks, late meals prepared by whatever local restaurant we can manage to handle eating at yet again. Burning shoulders, aching backs, swollen wrists and cramping hands....

All that to go sell beads! LOL Who woulda thunk it!

In any event, Shawn and Sara are finally on the road! YAY!

I've mowed the front lawn, watered the roses, cleaned part of the house, with a few rooms left to go, and I am determined all these chores will be done and over by dinner time. Then I will sit down to a nice meal, maybe a glass of wine, some good music, or a Giants game if I'm lucky and then......


Here is a scan of the fabric I'll be using for my Beaded Art Quilt for my BFAC project.

I had another fabric all picked out, but Thom stopped by on his way up to a Retreat with this same fabric, but with a Cobalt Blue background and I fell in love. I had to go find some! He inspires me in more ways than either of us will ever know, I am sure!
I'll get this all stitched together and start the beading and will take it with me when I fly out Tuesday for the Bead & Button show to have something to work on while flying.
Then when I get home, I'll get to start on my Bead Journal for June!