Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Japanese Beadwork Exhibit

What a joy it was to see this exhibit!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Beadwork from the Bead & Button Show 2010

The show was beautiful this year!

This year I tried hard to capture the name tags that accompany the beadwork. If any tags aren't showing or only show partially, my apologies. I took the shot of the hall with the displays before the show began. I took the photos of the beadwork after the show had opened and lemme tell ya....it is NOT easy getting women to move out of your way when they are gazing lovingly upon beautiful beadwork! As such, some photos may be at odd angles! =o)

I hope you enjoy browsing some of the amazing beadwork that was on display. I know I certainly did! Congrats to all the entrants!

The Bead & Button Show celebrated their 10th anniversary this year. Prior to that the show was called Embellishments and was organized by a different company.

The end!