Saturday, July 28, 2007

Finally...some June Bead Journal progress!

I am probably the furtherest behind out of the entire group. =o(
My Summer schedule is just so nutty! And it will carry over into the Fall as well.
But...I haven't given up hope yet! LOL

Here is an image of the progress I've made so far on my June BJP.

The colors are off a bit as I scanned it, rather than photographed it as I'm in a hurry this morning.

I chose shades of Pearls & Creams accented with Golds because Pearls are one of the stones for the month of June.

This quote, by Georgia O'Keeffe, has always been one of great meaning to me as it was first quoted to me by my high school art teacher. It was during a time when I was really struggling with my own identity, as do most kids around that age...and I was hesitant to express myself with my artwork in his class. He bribed, he threatened, he taunted and he begged me, but I just kept sinking deeper into myself.Then one day he came up behind me in class while I was continuing to be "safe" with my art project and loudly, so that the entire class turned to look, he said...."To bad you don't have the courage to be as talented as you truly are!" At fifteen, I thought I was going to die from not only the comment, but the attention of the entire class directed at me!

The next day he handed me a little slip of paper with the above quote scribbled on it. I understood his message to me fully at that point.

I hope all who are reading this will take those words to heart as well. You do have the courage, you just need to recognize that you do!

Happy Beading All!


Tally said...

Firstly, you are not the farest behind. ;-)

Secondly, I'm a great fan of Georgia O'Keefe. I read about her and watched her paintings in books even at a time when her flowers were not in fashion in calenders and postcards.

It's a good quote and a good teacher you had. Thanks for sharing.

Is your design influenced by anything you saw at Georgia O'Keefes work?

Vicki said...

Wow, what a powerful experience! I'm glad you didn't let it stop you! Thanks for sharing it and the O'Keefe quote.

Yours will be a really great piece, coming out of that experience! Great start!

beadbabe49 said...

Beautiful quote, beautiful piece...and wonderful background on the thinking behind it all!

Lois B said...

This is a beautiful quote, and it looks to become a fabulous piece.

sammy said...

I love the quote you have in the middle... Look forward to seeing it when you hav it all finished... Your beading is so beautiful!

mountainsaltstudio said...

oh! it's just lovely.

Kiwi Ellen said...

Beki - nope you are not the most behind, I am also floundering in June's page still LOL At least you & I are behind in good company ;9

Lillian said...

Beki, Thanks for your story behind Georgia's quote! Can't wait to see the finished project :o) Lillian

P.S. I'm still working on my June project also ;o)

Bejeweled said...

What a great quote! And what a beautiful beaded piece you have transformed it into!

KV said...

Love everything you are doing with this piece. I, too, had a seminal moment with a wonderfully patient art teacher what now seems a thousand years ago. As they say, the rest that followed is history . . .

Kathy V in NM

Sunni said...

How beautiful that is.
It doesn't really matter how long your journey in this takes, I don't believe. What is important is the journey itself. Enjoy it.

heidibeads said...

Beki, Your art teacher would be proud of you now as should you be. You are very creative and the quote just reminds you and all of us to do what we do. Behind doesn't matter - no guilt. Just keep doing what you do and keep sharing - you are inspiring us or at least me! Thanks for that. Heidi

Beki said...

Wow you guys! Thank you so much for your comments!

Tally ~ My design is slightly influenced by her artistic style. There is the leaf, already stitched on, and I also have some flowers I'll be using for surface embellishment, I intentionally put those in as a tribute to Georgia as she loved all things botanical. However, the overall "flow" of the beadwork I just let happen. I first encircled the quote with Gold cut beads, just letting my needle tell me how to create the shape....all the beading after that will follow those lines. My wish would be that the lines are elegant and feminine as are the lines in Georgia's paintings.

Vicki ~ Thank you! I am blessed to have experienced that art teacher and will forever be grateful to him for being such a "bully"! LOL

BeadBabe49 ~ Thank you so much!

Lois ~ Thank you dear! I really feel this quote is meant for each and everyone of us who creates our world in beads or whatever medium we happen to love.

Sammy ~ Thank you for your nice words! I hope I can find more time to work on it soon!

Mountainsaltstudio ~ Thanks so much!

Ellen ~ Is it cool for me to be happy that I am not bringing up the rear?? Thank you sweetie for your kind words of encouragement!

Lillian ~ Thank you dear for your comments. I hope you are also enjoying the process of creating your June BJP. I guess the time frame isn't the most important aspect, but rather what we are gaining from the process.

Bejeweled ~ Thank you for your nice words!

Kathy ~ Art teachers are certainly a breed all their least in MNSHO! LOL I'm glad you had one in your life too!

freebird said...

I didn't take art but crafts instead, for 4 years. The teacher wasn't used to that but let me do so; it's the only thing that kept me going to school! Some teachers know what is important and they save us from ourselves at that age.

Love the elegance you are giving to her quote! I picture her with such bright colors; it's nice to see you make her quote your own.

Robin said...

I'm loving the comments here and your responses, Becki, almost as much as your work! Your piece has all the potential in the world for being both a tribute to O'Keefe AND a beautiful flow of her style into your own. Congratulations!

It's my hope that those who charge ahead (and are already going strong on their August page) will serve as inspiration to those of us (including me) who are a little (or a lot) behind. It's not like you haven't been busy (terrible understatement) with Whim work...


Judi D said...

Georgia O'Keefe is one of my favorite artist. I drove the Adirondacks, from lower New York all the way up, on a rainy day and could feel her spirit in those gorgeous mountains. I know you will do her tribute well.

Claire said...

I only got my June page finished the day before yesterday (and haven't posted a picture on my blog yet), so from the sound of it lots of us are running behind! I like the form of your page so far, and that's a great quote.