Monday, January 12, 2009

Tucson & More Bead Away Project Colorways!

We're heading back to Tucson! We haven't sold there in several years, but now that the kids are old enough to stay out of trouble, we're ready to return!

We'll be vending at The Best Bead Show in the North Patio (Atrium) which is just before you enter the main lobby.
This show is held at the Kino Veteran's Memorial Center on East Ajo way. It's on the shuttle schedule so easy to get to if you're in Tucson without a car.
The dates are Feb. 4th thru the 8th.
100's of exciting vendors!

Hopefully we'll see some of you there! Make sure to stop in and say Hi!

Bead Away-Las Vegas

I have been having so much fun creating samples of different colorways for my
Bead Away classes! What a great excuse to get out of housework. "Sorry, kids, Mom just HAS to finish these projects. I have no time to mop so it looks like you'll be doing it!"

I've beaded just the centerpiece (no time to bead the entire necklace but this gives a good example of the colors) in two more colorways for my Dazzling Rivoli Necklace. This first one has all special coated stones and crystals.

And this one, that did not photograph well at all...(what is with camera's not liking these shades?) is Volcano and Chili, hot, hot! It still needs one more layer of fringe.....I ran out of beads! Can you imagine!

Two more colorways in the Sparkle Links bracelet. This are so comfy to wear, btw!
Purple and Silver...

And Green & Gold..
Here is one of three new colorways in the Beaded Beads. Turquoise & Black with Bronze seed beads. I may just need to make myself an entire necklace out of these. They're like potato chips, you cannot make just one!!

In addition to more images of the Beaded Beads coming, I also have 6 new colorways in the Sunflower Pendant. Sadly, photography of beadwork doesn't look so good with just one light and one of our bulbs broke last night. =o(

I ordered a replacement and as soon as it arrives I'll chain Shawn to the camera again. So be sure to check back over the next couple of weeks for more images!

And most importantly, DO NOT delay in signing up for this Retreat! Seats are filling up quickly. Don't miss out!


Anonymous said...

Beki, I live in NY and have never been to Tuscon, but YOU'RE KILLING US WITH THE PICS!!!!!!!!!!! Girl, can't you just sell the class as a kit for those of us who cannot travel to the class? Please bead goddess, hear and answer our prayers! Nancy in NY

Joann Loos said...

Hi Beki!

Lovely work! But I have a favor to ask. Could you add a rss feed to your site? I read blogs with a feed reader. I found the help page on blogspot to do this.



Anonymous said...

I'm with ...
I live 130 miles one-way to my nearest bead store and the accompanying lessons! That's the same distance to my airport! I've never read your blog before, but I really, really, really, really, really need to be able to buy your patterns!! You make amazing jewelry and I would LOVE to learn from you!! Please consider selling your patterns or selling kits or both!! Laura - <3 of MT

Cyn ~ The Wingedneedle said...

Chili Pepper is so HOT!! though I'm still wiping up the diet dr p I spewed when I read "I ran out of beads". So inquiring minds would like to know will you have additional kits availalbe for purchase in Vegas for those of us in other classes?

Anonymous said...

first of all, sorry for my english...I speak french
I love your work and I give you a little price or award on my blog, here:

Best regards

Beki said...

Hey Nancy!
I can't sell kits for the class projects right now...that wouldn't be fair to the folks attending the Retreat. But down the road some I'll be able to make them available for sale.
Thanks so much for your sweet commetns!

Beki said...

Hi Joann,
I'll go checkout the help info about the rss feed.
You learn something new everyday!

Beki said...

Hi Laura,

Thanks for your comments!
I'll post here when the time comes that I can make these projects available as kits.

Beki said...

Hey Cyn,

I will have extra kits available for Retreat attendees!

Oh...and Cyn...there is a little bit of Dr. P still on your chin...(snicker!)

Beki said...

Bonjour Odette,

Votre anglais est très bien! Nous espérons que vous serez capable de lire mon français.

Merci beaucoup pour votre compliment et aussi pour ce merveilleux prix! Je vais être sûr de passer à quelqu'un d'autre aussi.

J'ai visité votre blog. Vous avez beau faire des bijoux. J'aime vraiment vos billes d'argile avec la beadcaps joint.

Maya said...

Your works are wonderful, congratulation!!!

margelemi said...

nice works