Monday, May 17, 2010

I feel loved!

This past Saturday, May 15th, was the NorCal Bead Society Bazaar. A wonderful show held each Spring at the Oakland Marriott convention center.

And one of two times during the year when I'm assured of getting to spend a few minutes with some online friends who train up from the Fresno area. One of those friends is Arline Lewis.

Arline is a talented and prolific beader and a wonderful friend. Be sure to check out all her amazing beadwork on her blog.

This year, when Arline came into our booth to give me my long awaited hug, she had something else with her as well. A beautiful gift bag with huge flowers on it and bright orange tissue paper peeking out the top. I certainly wasn't expecting a gift! How sweet is that! I also wasn't expecting how quickly this gift would bring me to tears. I am such a wuss!

I have volunteered on the board of Layne's Legacy - Beading For A Cure since it began in 2002. And every year up until this year, I also supported the cause and the wonderful beaders who donate so much of their time and talent by bidding on several of the projects when they are put up for auction. Sadly, last year, eBay told us that if we sat on the board for this charity we would not be allowed to bid on any of the items. Something about shill bidding, I guess. Which, I suppose if you were a dishonest person would be an option in your life, but it is certainly not an option in my life. I truly want to win those items and my studio is proof positive of that as I am surrounded by more than 20 items I was able to win from previous years.

Those wins mean so many things to me. That I get to support the artists who create such wonderful pieces of beadwork. That my money goes into the pool to be donated in Layne's name to the NCRRA each year. But also that I get to reward myself for all the time I donate to this cause. Unfortunately, all those things were taken away when eBay said we could no longer bid. How sad!

When the beadwork began to arrive, I was just heartbroken seeing all those wonderful projects people had created knowing not one of them would be mine.

But, my champion arrived in the form of a redheaded sweetheart, when Arline handed me that gift bag. Here is what was inside.....

Ellen Chasse's framed Dragonfly! One of the items I was lusting after soooooo badly!

I felt the tears welling up instantly. I tried real hard to hold them back....but it was futile! They welled up so quickly and just spilled onto my cheeks before I could take a second breath. I was so beautifully touched by such a thoughtful and generous gift.

Thank you, Arline! You are a kind, generous, talented, thoughtful, caring, compassionate, beautiful, strong woman and I am honored to call you my friend.

I wonder how many typos there are in this post. Do you know how hard it is to see the monitor through tears!


flying fish said...

Beautiful! That's so nice of Arline, wow!

Spiritbeads said...

That's so beautiful Beki! You are certainly loved, hun.

abeadlady said...

It was just a small thank you for all you do for so many of us.

flyingbeader said...

How wonderful & you so deserve this for all you do with our group on Delphi & for your work in BFAC. I know you did not get all the thank yous for the BUTR either...and you did so much work so that us who were there to have fun & enjoy got to do just that. are the bomb!

Ellen said...

How nice of Arline, isn't she a sweetie!

I thought of you when I made it Beki as I know that like me, you have a 'thang' for Dragonflies.