Saturday, December 22, 2012

Thank You Birthday Buddy!

Years ago on the All About Beads forum we started exchanging birthday gifts with each other.  This past year, Wendy (who took over the task of keeping this organized for me a few years back), also brought the offer to Facebook.  I’m not sure how many peeps ended up signing up, but I am hoping more of you have been able to enjoy this wonderful event. 

The idea is that you get a little bit of information about your Birthday Buddy and then you find something (or things) you think they might like and secretly send it to them by their birthday.  It is always so wonderful to get a gift from someone you may or may not really know but you do know they put some thought into picking something out to gift to you.

I know I love sending my Birthday Buddy a gift just as much as I love receiving mine!

Anywho, my B4B gift arrived and it is amazing!

  • I got a beautiful box filled with all kinds of wonderfulness!
  • Godiva Truffles
  • A piece of gorgeous slinky, silky fabric
  • A beautiful  embroidered and sequined zippered bag with some lovely deep purply-blue pearls in it.
  • A piece of beeswax.
  • Dragonfly stickers and rub-ons
  • An Almond Meltaway bar called Seroogy's (a hint?)
  • A little purple felted and beaded star from an Alpaca Ranch in Wisconsin (another hint?)
    It came on a card with a picture of cute little Alpaca that says:
    Fiber Donor: Timateo
    A loner, gentle and mellow.  Can often be found grazing at the far side of the pasture.   
  • A purple satin bag with a lovely tassel and a dragonfly button inside.
  • Two kinds of loose leaf tea…one of them smells a little chocolately!
  • A little purple unicorn (sooo cute!).  I think I'm going to put him in my car so I can see him every day!
  • A gorgeous mermaid hanging ornament that is going on my wall today!
  • A glass tile with a dragonfly on it.  Putting this one in my kitchen by the sink.
  • Some Tila beads (my poor buddy said in the card that he/she struggled with what to buy for a bead store owner.  But please know, I love any bead whether I already own them or not!)
  • A plastic compartment box with some blown and lampwork beads in it. They are so beautiful...maybe they'll go in a charm bracelet!
  • A pretty little bottle filled with sparkly crystals.  What beader doesn't love a bottle filled with crystals!
  • Two sweet little boxes that are going in one of the cubbies in my desk that has more little wee boxes. (what is it about tiny boxes that makes me so happy?)
  • And a beautiful card wishing me a Happy Birthday!

Well, birthday buddy…let me tell you, you have most certainly made my day extra special!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your attention and your generosity with this gift.  I can feel the love!
And I cannot wait to find out who you are!  In the meantime, huge virtual hugs from me!


Sally Anderson said...

What a neat idea. I wish I'd heard of it sooner! And what a haul you got. Lots of lovelies. When do you find out who your secret friend is? And how to do you get to know things about her if you don't get her name? Anyway, sounds fun.

James said...

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Rachel Anderson said...

Wow nice post...about Laminate beading...keep on posting.