Thursday, January 30, 2014

For My Bead Cruise Students

Here are images of the various colorways that are available for my classes.  You should be able to click on the images for larger views.
** These kits are available to my students only! 

Kit cost is $38

This is the original colorway,
Turquoise with Purple and Lavender highlights.
When I originally beaded it I used a non-stable Giltlined color that has faded.
The kit will include a permanent finish of the same color. 

This is the second colorway.
Copper with Purple highlights.
Almost completed but you can see from the photo it is coming out real pretty!

And if the bead fairies are kind I'll have a 3rd colorway available as well in shades of Raspberry with Bronze highlights.  Yum!

Dragons Tail
Kit cost is $60

The original is Copper with green accents. 
Amazing how it adapts like a chameleon to almost any outfit. 

Bronze with subtle purple accents. 

 And Cream with Gold accents

And last but not least.....

Sonoma Vines Earrings 
Kit cost is $32

Autumn to reflect the changing colors of the grape vines
here in Sonoma County.

 Purple because it's pretty!  

Turquoise and of my new favorite colorways. 
Looks awesome with a pair of jeans or a flowing skirt with a big belt!

Please refer to your email for supply lists should you choose to bring your own beads instead.  It is very important that you bring the exact size and/or company specific beads so that your project is easy to create from the instructions.

I look forward to hearing from you are your earliest convenience with your color selections for your kits.

Happy Beading,

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