Sunday, June 14, 2009

Beadwork from Bead & Button 2009

Well, another year has come and gone for the Bead & Button Show. Even with the economic issues, it was a good show for us this year. Attendance certainly seemed down, both on the show floor and in the classrooms, but those who did attend were buying beads and learning new techniques and sharing their beautiful beaded creations just like always.

I had a great time! And I really enjoyed seeing all of the entries of beadwork this year, too. The Bead Dreams competition, the ISGB Convergence, and entries from the ToHo competition were all on display.

I sent Shawn off with the camera, and while he managed to get an image of every single item in each of the glass cases, I am not able to retrieve everything off the disk. =o(
However, I did get a lot of them! Some with the artists name included in the photo, some without. Sorry about that! I guess I didn't send him off with explicit enough instructions. LOL

Please enjoy these lovely creations! And if you know who created something that does not include the name, let me know and I'll add a credit to them by the photo. (Click images for an enlarged view)

High Caliber Collar by Rebecca Starry

Created by Tatiana Van Iten

A collaboration between Heidi Kummli & Sherry Serafini!

Created by Maria Thresa Ferreira of Portugal

Trippy transposed image with Shawn's hands and camera. There are a couple of these from the cases where he needed to face the incoming light from the windows.

The images below are part of the ISGB Convergance. If they do it again, I think I'd like to play!

The above is titled Pahoehoe Pools
created by
Pamela Wolfersberger & Tracy Van Niel

And last....but most certainly not least, this beaded box from Japan. Just the mere thought of the stress of having this piece of artwork shipped over here for display! I thank, Satoko Toyoda, of Japan for doing that so that we could all see it in person!


flying fish said...

Wow, thanks Shawn! Who did the one that's a series of offset circles in circles? (great description eh?) That one really stands out to me as being fresh and new. wow some more...Kelly

Beki said...

Hey Miss Kelly! That is one of the ISGB Convergance pieces. I think they also used in on their postcard. Pretty cool piece of beadwork, eh? It's titled Pahoehoe Pools and is a collaboration between Pamela Wolfersberger & Tracy Van Niel. I'll go add their names to the blog post now.

ChezChani said...


What's ISGB convergance?

Gale said...

Thanks for sharing the photos. There is a lot of amazing work. The grape cluster set is by Maria Teresa Ferreira of Portugal. Here is her link --

Anonymous said...

These are gorgeous! How do these artists come up with these designs? They are soooooo talented. Can you post more pics?

abeadlady said...

The necklace with the grapes on it is by a friend of mine who lives in Portugal. Her name is Maria Teresa Ferreira. She's a very talented beader. She was on the cover of BW or B&B a few months ago.

Ellen said...

Wow lovely stuff Beki, thank your dear husband for taking these pics for those of us who didn't make it to Milwaukee. What fantastic inspiration!!

springcolors said...

so artistic and gorgeous.

Beadwoman3 said...

Thanks for the pics! I can only dream of going to BnB so seeing some of the goodies is very cool! Hope you had a good time ( know I would!).

Beki said...

Hey Chez,

ISGB is the International Society of Glass Beadmakers. They came up with an idea to join forces with beadwork artists to use their beads in a piece of artwork and call it Convergance. You can check out more about it here:

Beki said...

Thank you Gale & Arline. I will put Maria Theresa's name by her artwork!

Beki said...

I would love to post more photos, Violette, but sadly I am not able to retreive them off the disk. I still plan on taking it down to my local camera store to see if they can figure out what went wrong (first time this has happened to us), so don't give up all hope!

Triz Designs said...

thank you for sharing! drroling all over my keyboard!!! all so beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the pix, and I'm so sorry I didn't get to see you AND that Saturday nnight was a bust. Hope Shawn passed on the hug!

Peggy Sturman said...

Beki - the shot of my piece came up in google alerts or I would never have known about your blog. I've just started one myself but haven't posted photos as yet. I agree with flying fish about Pahoehoe Pools the collaboration between Pamela Wolfersberger & Tracy Van Niel. Excellent, new and different.

Carol in SLC said...

Fabulous photos, Beki!!!

Zoya Gutina said...

Thanks a lot, dear Beki, for sharing the pictures from B&B Show! I've already published in my Russian blog some pictures from the show (courtesy of Melissa J. Lee). May I have your pictures for my Russian blog please? With all your credentials of course!