Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bay Area Bead Extravaganza!

The BABE! show is just around the corner now! I love this show! I know I am partial because it is in my own backyard, but even still, it is an amazing show. The show organizer, Trarie Kottkamp does a fabulous job of selecting her vendors. She strives harder than anyone I know to ensure you get a fabulous selection of product to shop from, plus the Studio Artisan's are heavily protected in that mass produced Chinese lampwork beads are not flooding the show floor competing with these highly skilled artisans in this venue.

All that work on her part pays off in the long run not only for those of us who have the honor of vending there, but also for the attendees who get the cream of the crop in beady related vendors to shop from.

I try to thank Trarie often for the energy she puts into this, as few shows go to these extremes. You can thank her, too, by attending this year! You'll always find her out and about on the show floor, she's the redhead!

There is also an amazing lineup of classes offered at the
BABE! show! I'll be teaching my Intro to Fine Silver Metal Clay again, it seems popular enough each year to repeat once again, and I certainly LOVE teaching this class. I'll never tire of the amazement I see on peoples faces when they see the magic of Metal Clay.

And this year I have a brand new 2-day class, An
Intro to BRONZclay & COPPRclay! You'll get to learn how to create with both of these new great mediums in one class!

I hope to see you at the show!


SaraBeth said...

Wow! This is gorgeous! Have fun at the show!

patmcaudel said...

ah, if i get to no other show, and i haven't all year, can you believe that? I will get to BABE. no, really, i will, i really really will.