Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dear Santa,

Can I please have a day off? How about 1/2 a day?

I am feeling over worked, under paid and frustrated. That is no way to enjoy the holidays!
Christmas is my favorite holiday. I love the colors of my tree (Burgundy & Gold), the food, the smells, the smiles on my families face when they open a special present. But right now I am just feeling stressed out. I need that feeling to go away!

Maybe I need to bead! Yes, that is what I need to do! I think I'll go to work this morning and get the ball rolling and then just sneak out and head back home. Maybe build a fire, put on some comfy slippers, make a cuppa tea and BEAD! If I accomplish this wish, I'll post my results!

In the meantime, I hope your holiday season is much less stressful than mine!


flying fish said...

Dear Beki,

Kelly says she'll come down and work for you if you let her sleep in the bead store so she can gaze upon the sparklies all night long.

Lots of Love, Santa

Becky said...

Beki, i know how you feel. It is a very stressful time. Bead what is that I haven't really beaded since Tahoe. I miss it. The store was broken into, my car broke down, water heater broke. I can't seem to get anything together. Maybe we both should commit to bead today and try to escape for a moment. In the meantime I wonder if the tree in the box in the middle of my living room will put itself up? Take care girlfriend. You are loved.

The bad Liz said...

I'll second that sentiment. I wish that we could all have time off to just do what we want.

Maybe between the holidays, you will have a few hours.....I will keep my fingers crossed.

SharDon Exclusives said...

I know exactly how you feel. I have gotten so tired up in "other" projects and other things that my beading has gotten laid aside and it calls me every time I go by my art room. So last night I decided to let everything else go and I am making a pearl seeded ornament. This one may be one I keep instead of giving away this time. I wish you hours and hours of beading fun, real soooon.
Have a wonderful Christmas season of less stress and more beauty,