Saturday, September 10, 2011

All I need....

If packing for a month long trip isn’t enough to convince me that I must have multiple personalities, I don’t know what will! Or even worse, I am beginning to feel like Navin from The Jerk. All I need is this book of matches, and this chair, and this thermos….

As I am preparing for this several thousand long mile journey with my sisters in an RV I am trying to determine what the best projects (beads, knitting, tangling, etc) as well as clothes to bring would be. I decided I am far too scattered today to even think of which projects to bring…ala Scarlett O’Hara, I’ll think about that tomorrow! However, I need to get my clothes situation in order. At the moment my entire king size bed as well as every open surface in my bedroom is draped with almost every article of clothing I own. What a mess! The only things I haven’t pulled out of the closet are my velvet show clothes….altho, now that I think about it, what if we go to dinner somewhere fancy one night? Argh!

Here is the tentative guideline of the part of this road trip I will be on:

Starting September 23rd, I will fly to Nashville, TN from there our itinerary is roughly:
Kingston, TN
Knoxville, TN
Appalachian Trail
Bedford, VA
Hagerstown, MD
Hershey, PA (CHOCOLATE!)
Buffalo, NY
Niagara Falls
Albany, NY
Keene, NY
Concord, NH
Somersworth, NH
Kennebunkport, ME
Salem, MA
Boston, MA
Nantucket, MA
Martha’s Vineyard, MA
Providence, RI
Hoboken, NJ (Don't ask!)
Baltimore, MD
Washington, DC
Chesapeake Bay, VA
Chantilly, VA
Virginia Beach, VA
Alligator River, NC
Wake Forest, NC
Seagrove, NC
Charleston, SC
Savannah, GA (Hello, Paula Deen!)
Daytona Beach, FL
Orlando, FL
Miami, FL
The Keys
Naples, FL
The Everglades
Tallahassee, FL
Sometime around the end of October I will return home to Cotati, CA

Now…just what does a girl (plus size at that!) pack for so many different weather variations when all she can bring needs to fit into one suitcase? I am laughing hysterically at the moment as I contemplate this thought over and over again.

I imagine I could just bring 2 skirts, 2 pants, 2 tanks, 2 shirts, 1 sweater, tons of undies and a few pairs of socks along with several rolls of quarters so I can hit up the Laundromats often.

Any packing advice? I have only 12 days left and I can’t find my bed!


Lynn Allen said...

2 pr jeans, 1 pr nice black pants. 2 tanks, one of them black. 2 shirts/sweaters to go over tanks. 1 nice jacket/sweater. 1 wind-breaker. 1 pr sneakers, 1 nice pair black flats you can walk in. 2 nightgowns. All the underwear/socks/bras that will fit in the suitcase after the above is packed. Jewelry.

Dress up is black pants/black tank/nice jacket/black flats + jewelry. Daily, wear jeans and layers of tank/shirt/sweater/windbreaker in the number of layers that make sense for the weather.

Plan on hitting the laundromat every 5-7 days. Take spot-treatment for emergencies like Tide To Go. Also deodorant. ;)

GraceBeading said...

Okay, here's my 2 cents. Take what you need for one week plus one "nice" outfit. Focus on your go to outfits that you wear now rather than the stuff that you put in a pile saying, "this might be good if we go to..." I always end up reaching for the comfortable stuff that I wear every day. What an awesome trip! To be able to travel with your sisters for that length of time in that part of the country at that time of year - what a priceless gift! I imagine you will see some beautiful fall colors not to mention you'll be traveling at peak harvest festival time. Have a GREAT time!

Katie B said...

you never mentioned bras....
trust me.
When Colleen and I went to Puget Sound... I packed every single bra I owned (don't ask).... and ended up with NO underwear. I had to hit Sears and stock up as soon as I discovered my error

Bobbi said...

Don't forget a slicker or umbrella. Lots of rain here in the east. No stops in Philly?

Karen Michaels said...

Don't forget your PJs! I usually do. And remember you can always do a bit of hand-washing if necessary. But leave about 2 days for drying.

My main mode of travel is by motorhome. Since it's just my husband and me (and our 2 cats), I always take way too many clothes, just to have choices. I recently took 14 shirts for 5 days of square dancing. I don't recommend this!

What a wonderful trip you have planned! Family, great scenery, hopefully great weather. Have a great time, and don't forget the pictures!