Friday, October 14, 2011

Vermont, Maine, Boston

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I have to admit, I was really sad to be leaving the Adirondack's. I love being in the mountains and all the quaint towns and the amazing colors of the trees were such a joy for me to see. But we must move on. Our campground for the night was just outside the town of Westport, NY. A lovely little village town along the shores of Lake Champlain. We arrived a little late to do much more than get parked and plugged in, so we didn't see too much of the town when we arrived, but what we did see was beautiful.

In the morning we drove in to Westport and past an amazing building that I wanted some pictures of. So...Patti turned up a street to turn around. Bad move! LOL We ended up on a teeny tiny winding residential road in a 33' motorhome. I imagine the residents were considering us all levels of foolish, We did, however, find these really cool old milk jugs with a “FREE” sign on them. So we picked up two of them. Every night since then we've needed to move them outside and bring them back in every morning. What were we thinking? There isn't enough room in here for the three of us to move about easily let alone adding two milk jugs. But, stubbornness and an odd affection for the dumb things has kept us from leaving them behind anywhere. I continue to move them outside each night.

Patti found this really cool bush in the yard of one of the homes that we passed (read "passed" as pulled into their driveway while trying to back up on the street...repeatedly). They remind me of Kiffa beads.  Mainly that deep orangish-reddish shade of glass, but also the drop shape.

After about 30 minutes or so we managed to get back out to the street. Here are images of the building we worked so hard to get back to.  Check out the ornate scrolling along the top of the tower.

And here is a shot of the town library.

And the great sign out in front of the fire house.

Driving towards the ferry that would take us across Lake Champlain into Vermont we drove through several lakeside towns. One of them was named Moriah. Kathy spotted the top of this building hidden down a road. Since we were still a bit shell shocked from our last innocent “turn down this road” adventure, I made Patti pull into a parking lot and I walked down the road. This building now houses the town offices of Moriah, but I imagine in its day it must have been a hotel of some sort. All I know is that I absolutely love it!  It is for SURE one of my houses!

On to Vermont.   As we were taking the ferry across Lake Champlain you could just barely see this old lighthouse peeking out thru the trees.

We meandered along a two lane road past dairies and farms and huge grassy fields. Thru little towns with general stores and folks hanging around chatting with each other next to a piece of farm equipment. My imagination hopes the folks who live in this area are as peaceful and calm as their farms look.

I didn't realize I was taking a photo of some folks taking a photo of this beatiful setting until I opened the image here to resize it. 

We were headed for the Ben & Jerry factory tour! It was a lot of fun. And we left with way more ice cream than a motorhome freezer knows what to do with! Ice cream for dessert as often as you like? Sure, sounds good to me! =o)

After we left this area we begin driving through more beautiful trees and mountain roads.  It seemed like every corner we turned was another postcard worthy view.  I just cannot seem to get enough of them!

As opposed to the 1st abnormal school?  ;o)

We stayed that night in Eastern Vermont. The next morning would be a short drive through New Hampshire and then on to Maine headed for the coast.

The terrain slowly changed from that riot of fall foliage colors to more green the closer we got to the shore.

Patti was totally focused on getting her lobster dinner that she had been waiting for. Our campground directed us to a restaurant called Bufflehead (this is a type of duck, apparently) but sadly, they didn't have steamed lobster, just lobster pie. So we had a seafood pasta instead with the intent of heading to a different location for lunch the next day for lobster.  This is an image of the Atlantic from the backyard of a house across the street from the restaurant.  I'm sure they didn't mind.  ;o)

I did a little research online and learned that a place called Nunan's had great deals on lobster and came highly recommended by folks from all over the world. We headed that way...only to discover they didn't open until 5pm. Poor Patti. She pouted for a bit and we decided to just go have a light lunch and then head back to Nunan's for dinner. We soon discovered that many of the restaurants in the area close “for the season”...or in other words, around the beginning of October. =o/ Finding lunch was not easy but we eventually found a hot dog stand....along with the other 50 travelers needing lunch. This would be the 1st time in my life I've waited close to an hour for a hot dog. Will probably be the last time, too.

After lunch we drove around thru the small coastal towns in Southern Maine. There are certainly some beautiful homes on these roads. We also drove out to the York lighthouse.

Look!  My house!!

Some cool yard art at a shop in one of the little towns.

I just keep thinking of Shawn saying "Does anybody know where the hell we are?" every time we drove by one of these signs. 

Mine....just in case you were thinking of calling it!

Stunning white on white.  The architecture is just amazing me every moment!

Finally time to head back to Nunan's for dinner. It certainly lived up to all the good reviews. This was only the second time in my life I had ordered a lobster. And since their special was for 3 lobsters that's what I got! Patti ended up taking my leftovers home for dinner the next night.

Lobster, lobster, lobster!

And homemade blueberry pie!  Yum!

The next day we headed towards Cape Cod. We drove around the small towns along the shore and I found my house!

Then we headed towards Salem. There wasn't anywhere for us to park the motorhome so we just drove through town and then headed towards Boston. We stopped to see the John F. Kennedy memorial library and museum. The architecture of the building was amazing.

 No photos allowed inside, but I was able to get this great shot of Boston from the pavilion.

Next stops...Hoboken (I'm not kidding!) And Washington, DC!  See you there!

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Patricia Williams said...

Wow Beki, you took pics of all my houses and trees... Thanks so much. I miss them so. Your trip makes me want to call my three sisters and go on one of my own! I am so jealous. But I am happy you are having a wonderful time...and lobster to boot! Haven't had that in ages and ages...well, except for the "tails" we had on the cruise. Have fun and be careful. Godspeed! Patricia in Charlotte