Monday, October 17, 2011

Washington, DC

First let me say...the weather is crazy here! One minute the sun is out and literally 10 minutes later lightening, thunder, and torrential downpours. Then it stops after a few minutes and the sun peeks out again and the temps crank back up to the low 80's. So different from NorCal weather for sure.
It rained off and on most of the day we were in town, but it wasn't so bad that we didn't fully enjoy our time here. We took a trolley tour and learned a lot from the various drivers we had, plus they were all funny, too. If you're interested in a tour like this (on/off options, 3 different routes all for one price) I highly recommend the Olde Town Trolley company. They operate in several different cities.

We got to see several areas of town, including all the main DC sights. I have to admit, while I was intrigued with the thought of the amount of politics swirling around this area of the planet, what really got my attention was the architecture. I would love to return here and be able to slowly make my way through the various neighborhood viewing all these amazing buildings.

Sadly, we weren't able to do any of the museums, so I'll mark that down for what to do here next time as well.

Here are a few of the more than 170 images I took. Some through raindrop splattered windows, but I still think they came out okay. Oh...and the first one is of a flower at our campground just after a rain. So pretty!

This is the bottom of the flag pole out in front of the Union Station where we picked up the Trolley.
Every where I looked there was one ornate item after the next.  I loved it!

The is a corner on the front of the Union Station building.

My first glimpse of the capitol building with this beautiful statue.

I am amazed at the architecture of this building.  They began building it in 1793.

Love this sculpture.  I wonder if something like this could be created with beads.  I think a long, tightly woven strip of Peyote that is wound back around itself might work.

My house!  I figured there had to be at least one of them in the area!  =o)

The Jefferson memorial.

The Washington Monument.  Until recently you could ride up to the top and check out the town.  Sadly, the recent earthquake in the area damaged the top and it is closed until they can figure out how to repair it.

The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial.  They were preparing the area around it for its dedication on Sunday. 

Not the best shot of the White House but it seemed like every time I got a decent view of the building it was either raining or I was on the wrong side of the trolley!  Check out the secret service guy.  He's really in focus!  LOL

Some amazing buildings!

These next two images are of the ceiling the Union Station.  When it was built they used over 70 pounds of gold leaf.  At todays prices that hovers around 2 million dollars worth of gold on the ceiling!  It is stunningly beautiful!

The outer banks of North Carolina are next....stay tuned!


Sue and Danny O'Mullan said...

your pictures are beautiful...
I enjoyed them immensly!

williamsburg beader said...

Your "house" is "America's attic"! The architecture is amazing. Embassy Row has some of the most beautiful buildings in town and the Georgetown neighborhood is also worth wandering around. I think that flower is some kind of Mallow.

williamsburg beader said...

And you are totally right about the weather. Don't like it? Wait 5 minutes.

Jadebutterfly Designs said...

Cool you came to DC, next time you are in town let me know, I live right outside of DC, I can show you around. Always love to meet other bead obsessed people :)