Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Dragons Tail Colorway Options for BABE! 2013

Below are images of the various colorways that the Dragons Tail class kit will be available in for my students at BABE! 2013.
An ooops in the email!  The class is Nov. 15th and 9am....not Nov. 5th.  One little number can make such a HUGE difference!  :)

This is a sold out class.  Sorry, I do not offer kits of projects I am currently teaching outside of the classroom.  This post is for my students to be able to select which colorway they would prefer so that I can reserve it for them.

These necklaces are all created with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Crystal Pearls and Japanese Seed Beads.  Remember to bring your Fireline or Wildfire to class.  If you forget or need to purchase some I'll have some available in class in 30' spools. 

Copper Dragons Tail

Petrol Dragons Tail

Bronze Dragons Tail

Cream Dragons Tail

Green Dragons Tail

Please reply to my email with your color choice at your earliest possible convenience in the event that I need to order more product.
Thanks!  See you in class!

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