Sunday, November 3, 2013

What an Honor!

I’ve been honored over the years to be included in many publications and have my work featured on the cover, or back cover of a few beading books.  I know I was supposed to keep track, for self-promotion sake, but I’m not real good about that sort of stuff.  Go ahead, lash me with a hank of beads, I deserve it!

 I was on the back cover of Suzanne Cooper’s Then & Again book of redesigned beaded purses for Deco Flames(sadly, I don’t even have an image of this any longer) but that link will take you to an image on Suz’ website.

I was on the cover of Charlene Hughes, Beadin’ with BeadyBoop.

And on the cover of Valerie Hixson’s Wild Things….I beaded the giraffe.  

 I think I also had a piece on the back cover of Bloomin’ Beads, but I’d have to go find the book to be certain.  (more lashings with the hank of beads!)

I was also honored to have several designs included inside the covers of several of these ladies books.

But recently, I am most honored to have not only been asked to be included in the upcoming Marcia DeCoster Presents by Lark Publishing, but I also just found out that one of my pieces was selected by the publisher to be on the cover along with several other stunning pieces of beaded artwork.  Enchanted is in the upper right hand corner! 

Now, I’m not saying that my other book covers weren’t as thrilling, they most certainly were!  But the newest always seems to feel the best.  Plus, I’m included in with so many awe-inspiring beaders that it makes my head spin to think of being included in the same pages along with them.  29 others to be exact - from all over the world!  I hesitate to include names because I don’t want to leave anyone out.  Some of them are mentioned in the Amazon listing.  Where you can also pre-order your copy….hint, hint!  ;)

I will mention one of these artists, Linda Jones, who was a dear friend of mine.  She started off as a customer, and after a few phone conversations regarding beads, we hit it off.  Linda had a beautiful voice that matched her spirit and I loved the time I got to spend talking to her.  She was also an amazingly talented beadweaver who had an eye for color that awed me beyond belief.  Sadly, this amazing woman lost her courageous battle with cancer last year, but not before Marcia was able to interview her for this upcoming book.  

So, of all my “honors” to date, I am humbled to the core that I will be included between the same book covers as my sweet friend Linda.  And knowing Linda, she would be saying how humbled she is to be included with all those other amazing artists.

So, here’s to you, Linda!  May your beautiful spirit that you let shine through your beadwork live on forever in the eyes, memories and hearts of all those beaders you’ll be inspiring in this upcoming book!

And thank you, Marcia, for not only inviting me to be a part of this very special book, but for also featuring my sweet friend, Linda L. Jones!  


Cynthia Newcomer Daniel said...

I can't wait to get my copy. It will live on the table beside my futon in my studio - and I will be able to visit with my beady friends any time I want to. Bliss!

Patrick said...

Lovely post Beki, and I can hear your tears in this tribute, as I read.

Cindy Holsclaw said...

So many awesome people in this book, including our beloved Linda <3. Can't wait to get my copy too!

Works From The Attic by Linda said...

Congratulations! I own most of those books! Beki your work is wonderful. I'm so proud of you!
Linda Marino

flyingbeader said...

Congrats. Can't wait to see this book & Beki, you are always my cover girl.

Doris said...

Congratulations, Beki. Very well deserved. How nice, too, that your late friend's work is included as well. She sounds special.