Saturday, November 30, 2013

Ohhh! Ahhhh! O-Beads!

We live in some pretty exciting and inspiring times for new bead shapes, my friends!
They're coming at a rapid pace these past few years.  Part of me is begging new production to sloooow down because I can barely keep up, not to mention the expense and no place to display them in the shop and part of me is like a little kid on my birthday and I just can't wait for my presents to arrive!

The latest new bead is called an O-Bead™ and is yet another awesome idea by the incomparable Sabine Lippert (she also designed the Rizo™ bead!).  For Sabine, it is important that she not only has consistency in beading supplies for her own piece of mind, but also so that when she creates a project for a class or a tutorial beaders across the globe will have easy access, always, to an exact bead.  This is the reason for naming this specific bead an O-Bead™.  It is a glass ring, which have been around for years, but the specs for the size and the diameter of the hole and the thickness will always be specific for the O-Bead™ (unless maybe we start begging for additional sizes because we love the shape so much...but then we could just call them 6mm or 24mm O-Beads™)!  This way if you are trying to recreate a project you'll have consistent results!  Yay!

An O-Bead™ is 4mm in diameter and 1.5mm in thickness with a 1.5mm hole.  Precious!
Below are some images of some of the colors as well as some amazing beadwork designed by Sabine herself as well as a few of her colleagues who she asked to also create some inspiring beady designs using these new beads.

Most of them will have tutorials available on their websites soon, so check back for them!

And we'll (hopefully if all goes well) have them up on our website, early in the first week of December!

In the meantime, and withOut further delay....may I intrOduce yOu tO the gOrgeOus O-Bead™!

And here are some amazing designs from Sabine and a few of her new bead testers....

Five Up! 
by Sabine Lippert

by Sabine Lippert

O Ball
by Cindy Holsclaw

Annular O Necklace
by Cindy Holsclaw

Cocktail O Ring
by Heather Kingsley-Heath

And more designs on the way!  Remember to check these
beaders website or Etsy shops for the tutorials!

OOOOOO What fun new beads can be!



Cindy Holsclaw said...

Yay! As you might have noticed, I'm having sooo much fun with these beads! Thanks for the very kind mention :)

flyingbeader said...

Those are definitely calling my name, Beki. I saw you commented they'd make good first thought when I saw them. Yeah!

Heather Kingsley-Heath said...

O my, these are so lovely to work with, sure to be a best seller! Thanks for including my ring here xxHeather

Caron Michelle said...

Oh wow - these are stunning and I love the designs these amazing artists have created - look forward to trying them!

Caron Michelle said...

Oh wow - these are stunning and I love the designs these amazing artists have created - look forward to trying them!