Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Late Nights, Early Mornings!

I think I am getting too old! Well, my body is anyway. My mind still thinks I can stay up until the wee hours of the morning pricing beads, spooling chain, making new signs, ordering bags at the last minute....just trying to get ready for the Bead & Button Show!

Then I had to be up by 6am for an International phone call. Trying to check on an overseas shipment that was suppose to arrive last Friday. All ended up being fine, it was just held up in customs because the shipper forgot to put our contact phone number on the documents. =o/
It will be delivered today! Yay! More goodies I purchased just for this upcoming show. (people better buy them! LOL)

I spent a little time making a links list for this blog. I'll add more to it as time allows.

After cutting out the fabric, basting it down, and almost finishing stitching the edges, I've changed my mind about which fabric I'll be using for my BFAC project!! D'oh! Why do I do this all the time? I do it with my beads too. I spend hours on end selecting colors, buying more new colors, switching them around, looking at them under indoor light, outdoor light, Ott light, asking other people, who could give a flying pig, what they think of the colors, sitting down to begin the project and then changing my mind again! I really need to figure out why I have such a hard time settling on something.

I don't do this with other aspects of my life. If I've chosen a meal for dinner...that is what we are having...period! If I need to make a decision at work...done! Let's move onto the next issue. I even picked out my new car this way. I researched for what I wanted/needed. Drove down to the dealership, made my deal and drove out with my new car in a matter of hours! A new car for crying out loud!! But a beadwork project...it could take me weeks, months before I've settled on the right color scheme.

I think I have an issue! LOL

Now I need to go take a shower, run up to Kinko's to pick up business cards, stop by the office supply store for card stock to print kit instruction pamplets on, swing by Avenue and pick up a skirt I want but was waiting for my email coupon from them first, and get my behind into work! Such a slouch! LOL


Denise said...

I can't wait to see the material you picked for BFAC! I'm curious about how you are going to use the colours!
Cheers, Denise
who changes her mind all the time - Libra's do that!!!

Beki said...

I'll try to scan a piece of the fabric tonight or tomorrow morning and show you!

I'm a Capricorn...I'm not suppose to be waffling around in my head like that! LOL